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Dangling Over the Edge of the Cliff


Tallulah Gorge State Park : Image Courtesy of their Facebook Page

Reggie ate this morning but when I woke up, he was shaking and his wide eyes looked at me in a way I’ve never seen him look at me before.

And I knew…Time is running out…fast.

You know what they say about the weather in Georgia, “Give it a minute.” It’s true, there was an 80% chance of rain today, so I put off Reggie’s Instagram end-of-life road trip another day – or – looking outside at the sun – albeit 37 degrees – we could have made the trip today.

Normally, I’d let the water roll off my back on postponing a day trip for one extra day, but this week, even one day is precious.

My fingers are crossed that we will make it there. The tire pressure light keeps going on, which is not good, and Audie still has my tire pressure device in his car, but this is too important to worry, or postpone. If it does not rain tomorrow, if I do not wake up to a flat tire in the morning, either, we are going – Reggie is going to get his day in the sun – in the outdoors – he is going to Tallulah Gorge State Park.

It is not too far away for a day trip. I think there is probably a tire place open today to check the tire – the only thing I can think of is an air leak, but with a car with 130,000 miles on it, it could be an electrical glitch.  Or a nail. Who knows, but I refuse to let a fluke stop us.

As I was researching the state parks, I felt a pang in my chest – there are so many gorgeous parks and trails and waterfalls within driving distance of Athens that I never got to see – I hope I live in Georgia long enough that it’s not too late to go see these places. I have so many damn regrets – right now this is one more, but maybe it’s not too late to fix it, or at least, partly. I can’t change the lost opportunity to go with Audie. But, it’s not too late for me…and hopefully, it’s not too late for Reggie, at least once, to see the natural beauty of the Peach State. I can’t believe how many amazing places there are to see – if there is any way at all to travel more, I want to do it. I always wanted to, but life got in the way, other things got in the way. I often do that – let things get in the way – but it’s not too late to change that, darn it.

And so, we will see how Reggie does today…

tongue and reggie

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