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Thank You

Reggie in his stroller this morning: Wednesday Jan. 23, 2019 at Epps Bridge Jittery Joes

Thank you to everyone who has texted and emailed and asked about Reggie today. I don’t have any news today. It was a quiet day – he went to Jittery Joe’s with me, as you can see, and to Oconee Wellness for my weekly B12 shot (Michelle and Ashley looooooove Reggie and pet him for a while, plus some head kisses), and for most of the day he rested either on the purple cushion or in his favorite spot on the red couch.

Tomorrow I’m taking him to see Dr. Clifton for an exam and evaluation – and I hope some clarity for me.

He ate canned chicken for breakfast and canned tuna and blueberries for dinner.

On the way to my appointment this morning, I had to pull over on Epps Bridge Parkway to let him out, but he didn’t quite make it, or I should say I didn’t – in time – but at least I know the warning sign now.

Last night, he didn’t sleep, or if he did, not much.

He’s having a hard time with his symptoms, and he’s definitely showing signs that the cancer is in his lungs but he’s also got the signs that he’s not ready (I think): peeing, pooping (too much of that), eating and drinking water and responding to love and affection.

That’s what makes this so hard. I don’t want to wait until he’s suffering, and I can’t bear to let him go too soon.

Hoping for clarity, or at least a temporary direction, at Hope.

(Okay, maybe that was an update – just not much new).

Reggie at Dunkin’ Donuts on Tuesday Jan. 22, 2019



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