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“The Day After” A Poem

“The Day After”
A Poem by Jill Hartmann-Roberts
One person’s new beginning is one other’s ending,
One person’s celebration is one other’s tragedy,
One person’s victory is one other’s defeat,
One person’s greatest hope is one other’s greatest fear,
One person’s dream is one other’s nightmare,
One person’s love is one other’s hate,
One person’s win is one other’s loss,
One person’s smile is one other’s tears,
One person’s bliss is one other’s grief,
One person’s freedom is one other’s prison,
One person’s absolution is one other’s remorse.
For one man, you were supposed to be the love of his life –
For her, he still is, and always will be, hers.
Changes in relationship status-
If only  the one click could
just as quickly change the heart.

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