“Jill came highly recommended by the writer’s group to which I belonged.  I found her to be friendly, personable and, most importantly at first, within my budget.  I had written a 285,000+ word story from which I had created four books.  While the story had been well received, I intended to seek out publishers and knew that despite my best efforts, needed a professional editor to present a well-polished product.

Once the preliminary business was completed, Jill wasted no time in getting to work on the first book which was completed quickly.  I wasn’t expecting the level of effort she applied to the project.  In addition to the expected grammar and punctuation corrections, she also provided copy-editing.  Through emails and face to face meetings, we discussed story objectives, duplications I had missed, and ways to make each book a stand-alone product.  The whole project took six months to complete.  Regardless of our geographical locations, we were able to keep in touch through emails or texts.  Jill was also patient beyond expectation with a first-time writer presenting her with this behemoth story.  Changes she suggested were presented with logical points which not only helped created a better written book, but also challenged and improved me as a writer.

My experience working with Jill was a high point in my writing adventure which completed with seeing the book in print and receiving glowing reviews.  I believe she played a major part in my success and recommend her without hesitation!”

-Robert Samuel Capes       

Author of:  The Good Kids


41u47lq12kl._ac_ul872_ql65_“Jill Hartmann is the copyeditor of choice for my individual projects and those I do collaboratively with Dr. Raymond Moody. Jill is herself a published writer, so she understands the concerns of authors and the subtleties that distinguish good from great writing. Secondly, she not only has the eye and the expertise for top-notch editing but knows the best resources for answering all of a client’s editorial concerns. Highly professional, Jill always puts clients first and is punctual and clear in her communications. She is not only professional, but she offers the personal touches that can only come from someone who truly cares. And Jill does. Finally, Jill’s rates are extremely competitive especially in light of her quality of service. Jill has copyedited over a half dozen projects for me and I will continue to return to her for years to come.”     -Lisa Smartt

Author of: Cante Bardo: A Song Between Lives and Veil: Love Poems From Across the Threshold




“I so enjoyed working with Jill Hartmann on my first book, Mary Speaks.  She was very professional and made herself available when I, as a new author, needed that steadiness. Jill was so patient, and as I was told when she was recommended to me, ‘Jill has an eagle eye.'”

Elizabeth Grace Alder

Author of:  Mary Speaks: Beloved Let Me Tell You My Story


game of forbidden love“You cannot release a book without an editor, someone who can take your 90%, and make it a hundred. You want someone who is thorough and is enthusiastic about editing. You also want someone who will tell it as it is, and not just tell you how amazing your writing is, someone who will tell you what can be better, what isn’t up to your potential, and what is indeed truly special.

somedayimgoingtoJill is all of this and more. I used her for my last two books, and I’m so glad I did. She definitely made my material better and I valued her opinion when given. I would highly recommend her as a literary editor for any book or large writing project you have. “

-Brad Rudisail

Author of: The Game of Forbidden Love and  Someday I’m Going To. . .


“My writing always mattered to me – Jill’s advice helped me to create words that might well matter to other people. More than just a comma erased here and a grammar correction there, her carefully offered guidance helped me to realize the vision I had always imagined through my words.”

-Eric McMurtrey

Author of:  A Christmas Spirit


“I found Jill through the Athens Writers Association. She came highly recommended and I can see why. Jill edited pages for me as a sample, free of charge, and her dedication to the project was admirable. Her content feedback is thoughtful and her copy editing is precise. Jill helped me tease out my story in those pages to be more complex, developed and clear. I am looking forward to working with her again upon the completion of my book!”

– Christy Strickland


“About 3 years ago, I’m sitting in the café at Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Athens, GA  and was informed by the Café cashier about a Writers Meetup conducted monthly at the café. I was eager to attend, and as I listened to several authors and upcoming authors share their work, I was impressed at how attentive Jill was to each participant. I found Jill to be very knowledgeable, organized in her approach, and interested and eager to help the participants who attended and presented their writings with the group.

I had the privilege to schedule a one–on-one copy-editing consultation for a manuscript that I myself was preparing to submit to a Publishing company with Jill a few weeks later.  I was doubly impressed at the professional input, critiquing and advice she freely gave to help me polish my manuscript-trust me it was more than what I paid for, not to mention, she has very affordable pricing for her editing services.

I highly encourage anyone writing their first book to consider having a consultation with Jill as I have done. I say “first”, because the entire publishing process can be overwhelming, to a new author. Yet,  Jill is hands-down amazingly informative, extending  even additional  consultation and publishing information, and made herself available to me even after my initial consult and  follow-up consult and addressed my questions about self-publishing, blogging and book design ideas.

Jill thanks so much for your information, and professional editing services which proved to be quiet helpful!”

-Tracy Gilbert